Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 Review: Noise Out, In Augmented Reality

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 Review Noise Out, In Augmented Reality

There was a time when all the talks about noise canceling headphones started and Bose ended. It is not so now.

However, Bose users have long since tended to return to the brand because of their limitless loyalty over the years with good experiences.

Now, the company has launched what it calls the Bose 700 headphones, a smart noise-canceling headset.

The Bose Headphone 700 features a very new design, as if it were something from Isaac Asimov’s imaginary.

It has a metal-looking strap with two ends sliding into the ear cups. There is a soft foam down the tape very easy on the head, longer.

At the best advice, the speakers can rotate the sides, providing you with perfect fit and also become flat to easily place them inside your bag.

The Year Cups look the same as the Bose brand but come with some new buttons. The foams on the cups are also very comfortable for a long time.

To the left, there is a button that allows you to set noise cancellation between 0, 5 and 10, the latter offers the best experience and 0 makes you realize your surroundings. In the Bose Music app, the right ear cup has a power button and pairing.

Just under another contact with your smart assistant. Bose provides the ability to add Google Assistant or even Alexa when used on an iOS device and is not limited to Siri. This is a good feature.

So you can scroll left and right to move the song up and down to adjust the volume. Double tap stops the song and answers a call while long press gives you the battery status. Everything is simple and easy.

Once you wear them on your head and turn on your headphones, you’ll get a good idea of ​​what to expect with Bose headphones. There’s a signature tone playing with each other, announcing that the Bose 700 headset is ready to play.

Each time you turn it on, the headset also tells you which battery is left and who to connect to. This again is a small feature that adds a lot of value to users.

The sound quality is what you expect from Bose. Bob Dylan to Leonard Cohen Bose headphones provide a great listening experience for 700 sounds.

When you hear some Bach on the cello, you might think this is a headset that can keep some music lovers happy too.

But you are likely to see this on a long flight, a place where Sony has begun a strong presence, especially in India. Noise cancellation as you wish on Bose. I took her on a trip to Thiruvananthapuram and from there on a four hour train journey.

It works by maintaining noise that adheres to a single frequency, or drone of an aircraft engine or dedicated rhythmic clicker to the train while muting other noise. Yes, the Bose 700 headset will make a good travel companion.

Boss AR

The Bose 700 headset has more than just music and noise cancellation. In fact, this is the first headset I’ve tested that comes with built-in AR features. Bose AR is an extra layer from which you expect headphones.

Bose AR offers a range of apps that can give you conversations and take a story forward or a voice knowledge layer above what you see.

I’ve tried some of these apps like AudioJack, Earplay, and Otocast. Everything works well, but you know that these days are early and what was on offer was not enough for me.

At Rs. 34,500, the Bose Headphone 700 is one of the best noise canceling headphones you can buy right now, providing outstanding audio performance and good noise cancellation.

Moreover, the device promises what Audio AR can do for us in the not too distant future. The price should be justified.

If you’re just looking for noise canceling headphones, the Bose still has more affordable options. Buy this if you want smart noise cancellation and audio capability.


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