TicPods 2 Pro hands-on review: An affordable AirPods

TicPods 2 Pro hands-on review An affordable AirPods

There are plenty of cheap AirPods on the market but few enjoy artificial smart features and useful gesture control.

Chinese AI company Mobvoi has introduced CES ‘new model for the release of its astronomical AirPod competitors, TicPods Free: TicPods 2 Pro, a pair of Bluetooth wireless earphones that offers volume, touch and gesture control in pint-size contracts.

TickPods 2 Pro price and release date

Ob 99 TickPods 2 and $ 139 TickPods Pro are now available for pre-registration on Mobwui and Amazon.

Mobvoi reduces the price of the earphone by 10% both through January 15th, so you can find a pair of TickPod 2 for $ 89 and a TickPod 2 Pro for $ 125.

The Price Pro model provides enhanced audio control and gesture as well as dual microphone listening cancellations that the 2 on the underlying tickpods lacks.

TicPods 2 Pro Design

The TicPods 2 Pro looks almost the same with Apple’s second-generation AirPods, it comes in different colors (navy, ice and blossom) as opposed to the white plastic popular on the AirPods.

Mobuvi has redesigned more tickpods to look like AirPods this year: the company has decided to release interchangeable silicone tips that make tickpods more customizable and sound insulation.

Mobwui says that the newly designed TicPods 2 earphone makes it possible to hear the sound directly in your ear while canceling the dual-microphone sound makes it easier for others to hear your voice in the surroundings. (TickPods do not recommend canceling active words as AirPods Pro))

The most noticeable 2019 repair for the 2019 TickPods 2 Pro charging was: The case is now 40% smaller and the case for my contact lenses is similar to my earphone case.

Advantages of TicPods 2 Pro

In my time working with TicPods 2 Pro, the only thing that sets me apart is comfort – in a bad way.

Without the silicone tips, the ticking earphone has soaked my ear that I can only wear it for half an hour before pulling it off.

This is an incredibly personal choice, so some Ticipods 2 Pro buyers may like the look and feel of these headphones.

However I can wear the AirPod for hours without any problems, so the design of the TicPods 2 Pro is completely different to make a big difference in my comfort.

TickPods 2 Pro is sound quality

With TickPods 2 Pro, Mobvoi has added the ability to customize equalizer settings in the Mobvoi app.

This means you can pump the bus (or return to the extra bus) or set settings for different genres of music, such as jazz or pop.

The overall sound quality in my test was just fine. The equalizer settings are really different, but they all look nice – even the bus-forward profile.

These earphones probably don’t fit my ears well, but I’m not too impressed with the sound quality of the TicPods 2 Pro.

Special features of TicPods 2 Pro

Mobwuyi is betting on artificial intelligence, as evidenced by the features of TicPods 2 Pro.

The Pro software integrates with your phone’s default voice assistant (Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc.) with the phrase “Hey Tico”.

The pro also senses the gestures in your head, knows how to reject a call when you are nodding twice and will accept it when pointing twice.

I wasn’t spending enough time with these features to know how much they could benefit, but in my preliminary tests I found the head gestures to be arrogant (though they worked as promised) and the volume controls are quicker than just saying, “Oh Siri. ”

Mobwui TickPods brings free touch controls to TicPods 2 and 2 Pro.

The earbud stem can feel your finger and detect different movements that take on different activities (swipe to control volume, press to skip tracks, etc.). These suggestions are still really effective and useful.

TickPods 2 Pro also offers language translation, but my attempt to use it failed.


Mobwui will not attract any AirPods buyers with the TicPods 2 Pro, but I do appreciate the creativity of the company.

Touch controls, which you can also find on the cheap TickPod 2, are really helpful when the gestures of the head are trivial. Redesigning the charging case is a welcome change, but the new earbud tips can use some work.

I’m planning to hand over a TicPods 2 Pro colleague to see if the earphone comfort issues are unique to me plan Stay tuned for a full review.

Be sure to check with our CES 2020 Center for the latest announcements and practical impressions in Las Vegas.

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