Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review

In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, we see what UB has disrupted over the years – an endless endless grinding of the end, which can be accelerated by taking money for partial transfer.

Yes, there is still another huge open world, another tactical military, and another multimillion-dollar production – but every element of its design is bored by greed.

Brough Island

Setup is already the most interesting part of the Ghost Recon breakpoint. She plays the role of Nomad, a gruesome private operator who leads a team of ghosts to the fictional Auro Island to investigate communications failures and a devastating cargo ship.

Before the helicopters land, they are all pulled by a mysterious medium-tech technique full of swirls, while you are on the way.

Minutes later, you see Colonel Walker played by John Bernthal, carrying a group of his activists, and then discovering what’s going on.

Breakpoint does this by structuring its story about searches and clues. The people you meet on the island – a kind of super utopia that outperformed the PMC itself – fill you with the location of the main characters and the development of the plot.

This is a unique story about the story of an open world, and it’s also symbolic in Breakpoint that looks like a game being pulled in two different directions.

On the one hand, you have this mysterious island and its hidden history. There is an option to close waypoints and explore mission locations by resolving clues based on the map and environment.

You have no AI colleagues while playing on your own. You should maintain water levels so as not to manage fatigue and injuries to refill your health bar.

Then, when you meet a local resistance force, you shine in a fate-like social space, dance with other players and wander in circles.

I mentioned that there were only a few soldiers left after the helicopters crashed, but there are dozens of words that you can join at any time.

Although the game is likely to be a survival game, you cannot pass for two seconds without being looted and directed to the next thing, all in an attempt to raise the gears to let you move faster, artificially, will allow So in difficult areas.

Tracer trekker

Although there are countless tasks that you can perform either stealthily or forcefully, the entire game is built on looting.

Got a sniper rifle? Here’s another one, with a larger number. What shoes are you wearing? Yes, it’s better to get them in a box because they are green.

Now, although all this is completely related to the game’s narrative, there is no mistake in reorganizing the Ghost Recon with some ghosts – it can usually add to the game’s shelf life, and when it’s good if it is carried out, poisoning may occur.

However, it’s easy to find an in-game store when you have to replace the in-game reflection option, and there are literally pages on the reinforcement, weapons packs, leather and other crap pages that you can buy with real money.

It’s hard not to feel a terrible feeling about why Ghost Recon Breakpoint suddenly passed this overhaul.

Although it is likely to end its massive campaign and side tasks without spending an extra penny, when it is explicitly inserted into the game design, the game-changing tools offer real – not just cosmetics – they don’t talk about the real intentions of the game.

Basically, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is nothing – it is a piogatory thrill where you can effectively pay for the privilege of not playing the game.


Now, regardless of cynicism and demonization, if the procedure from moment to moment is good enough, it will be very easy to ignore the ugly side of the Ghost Recon breakpoint. But it seems hopelessly incomplete.

Fierce AI enemy – GoldenEye on N64 terrible. If you hang on a surface, they accumulate on the stairs one by one, or stand until the sniper pumps round in her chest, or stumble on the walls. Enemy car pop-up in my feet in front of you.

The entire game is loaded with typos – it appears to be a Google translation into French and not proof of it.

It’s disappointing because there’s no real reason to feel this – Ubisoft has developed countless Open World games with better AI and much lower jagged edges.

Of course the procedure will be enhanced by playing in collaboration with friends, the weapons are still pierced, and the island itself is quite spectacular on Xbox One X, and while realizing that it is ultimately meaningless, a stupid part of the human brain is still more. He likes to get new shiny weapons with numbers.

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