Top best and worst phone carriers of 2020

Top best and worst phone carriers of 2020

Who determines the best operator for the phone? This is more than the amount of your mobile phone bill every month, or whether it offers the best smartphones more

While cost is definitely important, you also want an airline that offers great coverage, performance, customer-friendly support and ample additions that make you feel appreciated.

In our second best report of the worst and fastest wireless carriers, Verizon is clearly our best because it gets a lot of things right.

The telecom company has the best performing network on the largest scale and has won the customer support challenge by losing eight airlines. While some competitors offer lower monthly invoices, Verizon’s plans are attractive, especially after adding unlimited data options.

These two factors were enough to push Verizon to T-Mobile in the past, though the margins between the two companies are very weak.

T-Mobile has been a huge success in customer support and network speed testing – though in most cases it has ended after Verizon – and it sets the pace for both planning and special features.

This is something that we hope it will continue to do as it looks like the announced connection between T-Mobile and Sprint will continue.

As more wireless users see carriers at risk of discount as a way to save money on our monthly bill, we recommend Metro through T-Mobile (formerly known as PC)

The prepaid operator has the best performance for a strong T-Mobile network, and the combination of its attractive design has been overshadowed by our faded appearance in our customer service tests.

One company that we can’t recommend is Straight Talk, which has appeared in both speed testing and customer service (though the carrier has improved its effectiveness in post testing).

We also believe that its prepaid plans do not reach other value options.

We are in the process of renewing our rankings for the new year, which will include re-examination of telecom operators for customer support and LTE speeds.

We will also be keeping an eye on 5G networks, as carriers have spent new high-speed networks for most of the past year; The 5G expansion will continue until 2020.

Of course, if Sprint and T-Mobile attachments are finally done – we’re waiting for the outcome of a lawsuit filed by various public attorneys to try to close the deal – we’ll redesign what T-Mobile has integrated into the wireless network market.

How To Test Phone Carrier

We evaluated nine companies for our rankings: In addition to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, we expanded our search to include four major carrier carrier discounts, Cricket, MetroPCS, Straight Talk and Virgin.

(Subsequently, the name of the metro was changed to T-Mobile by Metro, though the service itself; Virgin, was already closed in February.) For each carrier’s rating, we considered five factors, which gave the considered categories even more weight.

Performance (5 points): There are many factors that determine the best mobile operator, performance remains the primary consideration.

This is because network performance, measured by speed, accounts for almost half of our score for wireless carriers.

We travel to multiple cities across the country to see how each airline performs, based on LTE tests nationwide.

We measured download and upload speeds in each city at a specific location using the SpeedTestNet application from Okla, and we set the time for the speed of app downloads on each carrier’s network.

Our report covers the last two nationwide tests conducted in 2017 and 2018. We plan to re-test LTE speeds in these cities soon, and we will also add 5G tests to our ratings.

Plans (25 points): We are constantly reviewing the plans provided by each carrier and seeing which of them provides the maximum number of data at the lowest price.

We evaluate plans for individuals and families as well as prepaid options and rewards for careers that offer the best combination of value and diversity.

T-Mobile gives us unlimited custom plans, be it for families or individuals.

If you don’t need unlimited data, Verizon has a personal data plan plan Although Virgin has the best deal plan, we love the options of prepaid metros to get unlimited data, individuals and families.

When you have questions about your wireless plan or device, you don’t have to navigate a complicated phone tree or search the jammed site unsuccessfully to get an answer.

We secretly went to evaluate the customer service provided by each transportation company.

In addition to each operator’s phone call, we also evaluated online troubleshooting resources, such as frequently asked questions and online chat features.

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